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Exercise Bands


  • Back pain

  • Joint replacements

  • Hand pain/carpal tunnel

  • Vestibular dysfunction

  • Hip/knee/ankle pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Work injuries 

  • Headaches & neck pain

  • Rotator cuff & shoulder pain

  • Auto & personal injury

  • Osteoarthritis & osteoporosis 

  • TMJ

  • and many more!


Prehabilitation and Post-Operative Rehabilitation 

Optimize your recovery and healing before and after surgery.

Balance Training & Fall Prevention

Reduce your fall risk/fear of falling, improve your mobility, endurance, strength and activity levels.

Therapeutic Exercise

A guided exercise program adapted to your needs to optimize function and reduce pain.

Hands on Care

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic taping, myofascial release and soft tissue massage.

Dry Needling

Eliminate trigger points, decrease pain, improve mobility and speed your recovery.

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